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Reasoning Session And Streets Of Poverty Video Release

Official “Streets of Poverty” music video release party! Click here to let us know if you are coming or call AKX at 720-276-7126 and reserve your spot.

We are Releasing the video for Streets of Poverty, filmed on location in NYC and having some good food, while reasoning about Our Culture. Come link with me AKX and let us continue in positive vibrations and unity. Herbalist in da House.. Come hungry..

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“Revolution Sound” featuring AKX

Another conscious hip hop gem laced with dance hall overtones from the crew that brought you “Babylon Burn”. Listen to the vocal styling of AKX as you watch cultural graphic prints from the Righteous Revolution camp. “Revolution Sound” is a perfect example of the groups music with a heavy base, golden era hip hop track and the rap and dance hall reggae vocals of AKX. “Revolution Sound” is re pleat with messages of spiritual awareness, black history and social conscience, all the while spewing revolutionary lyrical fire at the system.

The graphic prints in the video are all original Roots & Culture designs done in house. Check it out!


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Official music video for “Babylon Burn” released!

We’ve done it! We have finally finished it! The official video for “Babylon Burn” has been released. Check it out on YouTube and give us a thumbs up, you can also view it on our video gallery page and like it from there also!

This song was written 7 years ago and it amazes me that the lyrical content is still relevant today. Completing the video itself was alot of work but we knew we were bringing a powerful message to the people and it was worth every effort.

Babylon Burn is actually symbolic of the destruction of the system wherein the poor are discarded, the masses are mis-educated and the people are made to believe that the evils around us are normal. Fire in this case is used to symbolize that which is best able to purge the wickedness that have become synonymous with the worlds governing systems.

Post a comment to let us know your own views on the video.

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