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Righteous Revolution is a concept exploring revolutionary themes, black spirituality, historic truth and socio-political understanding. In terms of hip hop, the revolution crew started by Hayden Collette (AKX) is a group of producers, dj’s, emcee’s and conscious affiliates seeking to put forth a sound that stays true to the golden era of hip hop. The original members of the group that was formed in 2004 were producer Rhapsodic from Colorado, Rashaun Blackwell also known as NattiRed from Cincinnati and AKX from Trinidad & Tobago who came to Colorado by way of Brooklyn, New York. The group now includes contributions from Selecta Clyde Marley with both vocals and production as well as contributions from singer/emcee JILLA and dj Negus Darwit. The face of the group, presently, is AKX and the gifted Chicago emcee Out of Poverty as can be heard on their latest album release “Stolen Legacy – The Conscious Rudeboy”. Righteous Revolution sound is a mix of hardcore hip hop blended with the roots and culture of dancehall reggae music and rhymes bringing a positive message to the people. Individual members of the group are heavily interested in social issues and cover everything lyrically from Rastafarianism to the Civil Rights Movement and the Babylon system we presently reside in.

As unsigned underground artists, Righteous Revolution still managed to produce 3 albums that are gems on the hip hop landscape. “Black Market Speech” was released in 2007 featuring the vocals of AKX and NattiRed and produced by Rhapsodic. “7 Years in Babylon – Words of the Lion”, released in 2015, is a conscious classic that featured the lyrical skills of AKX, the production of Rhapsodic and marked the beginning of the groups work with Denver Grown Studios. Out of Poverty then joined Righteous Revolution (adding a new dimension of rhyme flow) to produce their latest album “Stolen Legacy – The Conscious Rudeboy” (a 19 track journey into the mind of the conscious rudeboy). The album is a testimony to emcee skills and showcases an array of producers including the Revolution’s own Clyde Marley and Rhapsodic.

Righteous Revolution focuses their performances on spreading a message for the resistance of oppression, understanding of historical Roots as well as Freedom of culture and spiritual expression. Therefore, in the last year, the group was featured at the annual Marcus Garvey Day celebrations in Denver and also at celebrations for the coronation of Ethiopia’s emperor Haile Selassie I the 1st, held on the Colorado University Campus. Righteous Revolution has also performed at the Midwest’s top concert venue Cervantes, other college campuses and live in Trinidad & Tobago.
Over the last 2 years, Righteous Revolution have release 2 official music videos, “Babylon Burn” and “Core of the Earth”. Both videos show strong images of the group’s message and themes of their music. AKX and Out of Poverty have also produced a series on YouTube titled “16 Bars”, dedicated to the art of freestyle and flowing with a high level of skill and intellect.

The group is promoting the first single off their new album “Hard Livin”, produced by Havoc of Mobb Deep. Righteous Revolution is presently working on the music video for the cult favorite “Conscious Soldiers” featuring 5 of the mile high’s premier emcees and the production genius of Illmind.
The group is currently putting together a benefit concert featuring only culturally inclined and conscious artists that will be viewed live online.

Righteous Revolution has also begun work on the new album from Out of Poverty. The group consistently works with local community groups to promote awareness of social issues ranging from economics in the black community to minority help agencies and dealing with police brutality.
Righteous Revolution is working to establish the Revolution Brand as a name synonymous with bringing real hip hop and black culture to the people in a manner that uplifts the community and highlights both the beauty of the music and the beauty of the people.

For booking and general information on the group call 720-276-7126.


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