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7 Years In Babylon

$ 19.99


“7 Years in Babylon – The Words Of The Lion” is a testament to conscious hip hop music. The vocals of AKX make this a lyrical masterpiece while the production of Rhapsodic and engineering of Denver Grown creates a true musical gem on the realm of hip hop. Contributing producers: InsaneBeatz and Beatzunami.

Track Listing:

01 7 Years in Babylon (Intro)
02 On My Mind
03 Respect Mine
04 Remember
05 Fire From The Tongue
06 Streets Of Poverty
07 The Word I Was Given
08 Rude Boy
09 Core Of The Earth
10 Wicked Emcees Part 2
11 Street Philosophy
12 Revolution Sound
13 Babylon Burn
14 Last Days
15 Forever And A Day
16 Hotlist (Bonus Track)

Rudboy Produced by Beatzunami
Streets of Poverty and Fire from the tongue Produced by InsaneBeatz.


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