Righteous Revolution

Righteous Revolution

Righteous Revolution

Righteous Revolution is not just a hip hop group, but a movement, started by its core members in 2007 to counter the idiotic cliché hiphop has become. Righteous Revolution sound is a vibe blending intellectually potent and skillfully delivered conscious lyrics, golden era style top notch production and the roots and culture found in reggae dancehall music. The group’s core members are producer extraordinaire: Rhapsodic, main vocalist and emcee: AKX, and skilled beat maker and emcee: NattiRed. AKX is originally from Trinidad & Tobago and came to the US via Florida and New York City in 1996. Rhapsodic is one of the most musically inclined producers in the Midwest & is originally from Arizona. NattiRed as his name would indicate is originally from Cincinnati. AKX (Hayden Collette) was instrumental in forming  the group after being introduced to Rhapsodic (Adrian Collier) and subsequently NattiRed (Rashaun Blackwell) who’s ideas of hip hop tradition and historical and spiritual input blended well with the conscious and cultural rhyme styles of AKX. The group came together in Denver Colorado to create their first album “SlaveMindMurda” in 2007. They quickly follow this up with the underground icon “Black Market Speech”. The groups latest album “7 Years in Babylon – The Words Of The Lion” is a testament to conscious hiphop and sounds the alarm that real hiphop is most definitely still on the map.

Righteous Revolution music focuses on spiritual and historic topic lines from Ancient Africa to Rastafarianism to the Black Diaspora. The revolution sound is created to entertain as well as inform and awake minds to the realities of the System in which we live while remaining true to the concepts of hard core hiphop. For booking and general information on the group call 720-276-7126.



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