Out Of Poverty

OutOfPovertyThis is the story of a phenomenally talented emcee. The name he chose for his alias speaks volumes about the brother, his life and everything he has overcome. “Out of Poverty” was born on the west side of Chicago. His mother was only 12 years old when he was born, he grew up moving from foster home to foster home and lived in several children’s centers throughout his childhood. As a way to deal with the difficulties of inner city life and a difficult family life, he began rapping at the age of 10. In order to deal with these same harsh realities he was drawn to street gangs and criminal activity. It was easy for him to fall into that lifestyle because many of his uncles and family members were known gang leaders. Westinghouse High School, “Out of Poverty” helped form the 4 member crew “Raw Impact” and gained a reputation at the time for coming up with very witty hook lines for rap songs.

“Out of Poverty” began focusing on his own lyrical style through the influence of his favorite rapper “Grand Master Mele Mel”. His rap style and flow were developing when he moved to Colorado just before the age of 16 to stay with family. Soon after enrolling into high school in Colorado, he joined the crew “Mellow Out Entertainment” and they started doing shows in the Denver area. Sadly, the leader of this hip hop group was shot and killed and the members immediately went their separate ways. “Out of Poverty” stopped performing at this point in time. He became heavily involved in playing high school basketball and was doing so well, he played one year professionally in Canada. During this time he never stopped developing his style of rapping being influenced heavily by artists like “Spice One”, “Icecube” and “Big Daddy Kane”. Also during this time “Out of Poverty” began to perform again on the local scene by doing talent shows and opening for acts like “Tech 9”, “Bone Thugs n’ Harmony” and “E40”. His passion for the game of basketball has drawn him back to that arena as a high school and club coach. He has a great desire to positively influence urban youth by coaching basketball. Nevertheless, his first love has always been hip hop and he has developed one of the most street savvy, witty and dynamic rhyme style on the hip hop landscape. This is understandable as the main influence on his style are “Nas” and “Common” who he has linked with from time to time.

“Out of Poverty” then met “AKX” just before “Righteous Revolution” was starting work on a new album project. “Out of Poverty” indicated that he was waiting for an opportunity to get involved in his first passion again…hip hop. He felt that he wanted to do music that had considerably more meaning and depth than what was presently being offered in the mainstream hip hop industry. He gravitated to the concepts of “Righteous Revolution” after in-depth discussions about hip hop and history with “AKX” and then joined the “Righteous Revolution” syndicate. Soon thereafter “Out of Poverty” and “AKX”  dropped the classic Hard Livin’ produced by “Havoc” of the legendary hip hop group “Mobb Deep”. “Out of Poverty” is presently in studio with “Righteous Revolution” working on the upcoming new album “Conscious Rude Boys”. You can also catch “Out of Poverty” flashing his skills in the series “16 Bars with AKX” available on youtube and here on the website.


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