AKX, aka Hayden Roel Collette is an emcee originally born in the twin island republic of Trinidad & Tobago in the caribbean. This brother had a very impoverished and dangerous childhood. Things like the streets, drugs and violence were common to his everyday life as a youth. During the time, he was heavily influenced by all types of music; ranging from calypso and reggae to blues and hip hop. He describes himself, often, as an original seed of the hip hop generation. From the age of 8 “AKX” was heavily involved in breakdancing, rap battles, freestyling and every aspect of the hip hop culture. This is when he started developing his own style and material

From a very young age he was an avid soccer player and he used this ability, coupled with academic achievement, to escape the type of island life most “tourists” never seen. He attended Webber International University, playing 4 years of varsity college soccer in the Florida Sun Conference. While still in Trinidad he began recording with the legendary “Jr. Dred” in San Fernando Trinidad & at Machel Montano Studios in Siparia. This was cut short to pursue his academic and soccer goals in the United States.

After college, Hayden lived in Brooklyn New York and eventually moved to Denver Colorado where he started “Righteous Revolution” Rashaun Blackwell (NattiRed) and producer Adrian Collier (Rhapsodic).

The Meaning of AKX
AKX is actually a synonym for the “Anointed Kingdom of Zion”. “Anointed” means to be set apart by a higher power. “Kingdom” in this sense has a double reference to 1.) a spiritual kingdom and 2.) to the kingdoms of Africa and its ancient heritage. X is used to spell Zion as a recognition of both a spiritual Zion and a physical state of awareness. Using the X to replace one’s slave name and to note the unknown factor as used in algebra. In a nutshell AKX depicts some of the main topic lines in “Righteous Revolution” HipHop while showing the spiritual focus of AKX’s rhyme style.

AKX, as the lead vocalist of Righteous Revolution, consistently brings historical, political and theological thought patterns to his lyrics.


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